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Gold Chain FAQ's:   

9ct Gold Chains

- 100% Australian Made (except box chains*)

- Choose any length for a necklace, bracelet or anklet

- Choose from Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold

- Laser welded for superior strength and finish

- Handmade styles can be made in combinations of gold colours and 18ct gold

Yellow Gold Necklaces & Yellow Gold Bracelets

- Available in lengths shown

- Available in 9ct yellow gold only

- Usually can be shipped in 3 or 4 days

- Made in New Zealand

*our box chains are made in Italy

Full Details

Our full range of real Australian Made solid gold chains for bracelets and necklaces are all available in 9ct yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. Simply select the length and colour you require for your bracelet, necklace or anklet from the dropdown menu. The handmade womens gold chains and mens gold necklace chains (starting with a code of HM-) can be made in any combination of the three colours of gold. Create your own design of a yellow and white gold necklace, or a tri-tone yellow, white and rose gold bracelet, see  handmade chains for details. All of our gold chains are laser welded for a superior finish and strength.

Choose from our belcher chains, curb chains (including diamond cut and bevelled), box chains, cable chains, figaro chains or our fancy link, antique chains or curb roller styles. Every one is customised to your design in real 9ct gold. The handmade chains are also available in 18ct yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, please contact us for a quotation.

Buying a gold necklace or gold bracelet

Where is the best place to shop for solid 9ct gold chain bracelets and necklaces for men and women? Here at Chain Me Up of course. We have a great range of around 150 different styles of chains that are custom made to the length you require.

It’s the perfect way to buy mens gold chains online, as you can customise to suit his tastes and his body shape, ensuring the chain sits in the perfect position. This means your bracelet, necklace or anklet will fit you like a glove.

We specialise in bespoke 9ct gold chains and chain jewellery, like no other store.

You can buy any gold chain in our store, made to length for a rose gold necklace, white gold necklace or a yellow gold necklace. These same chains can all be made to the length you require for a white gold bracelet, rose gold bracelet or a yellow gold bracelet.

Many of our finer gold chains and some of the medium to heavier ones are machine made (They begin with code MM-) They are laser welded which gives a stunning finish and greater strength than the older system of powder soldering, which can leave some links improperly joined and subject to failure.

If you select any of these machine manufactured designs you are given the choice of a single colour from: white, yellow or rose gold. We recommend yellow gold for mens gold chains, whilst women can select the colour that flatters their skin tone and suits their individual style.

We cannot create a machine made chain of varying colours, however, you can choose any length you desire and have a choice of clasps.

Necklaces for men should be around 7mm or thicker, mens solid gold chain bracelets a little wider again. Finer necklace chains may suit men wearing a pendant, but should be avoided otherwise as they may lack masculinity.

When you buy gold chains online here, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to customise every aspect of your unique new necklace or bracelet.

Handmade Chain Jewellery

Our range of handmade gold chains online has an amazing story. Not only are the 9ct solid gold chains assembled by hand, the links are also hand made (and laser welded). This is how we can create the stunning two-tone and tri-tone necklaces and bracelets you can see throughout our online store.

Creating your own unique design is something we are happy to help you with. Any of our gold chains online beginning with the code HM- can be tailor made to suit.

You may like one of the single colour styles shown in our store, but would prefer it to have alternating links of white gold and yellow gold. We can do that!

Alternating patterned links and plain links are popular, especially with the belcher styles we sell. You can have any of these chains with all plain or all patterned (engraved) links if you prefer. It's even possible to have these links and the clasp in the colours of your choice. Please read this article for more information.

Clasps & Padlocks

We also offer a choice of clasps including parrot (lobster), Kartier which is also called a bolt ring or you may prefer to have a heart shaped padlock fitted. The drop down menu on the product page will allow you to select the clasp you wish. The chain photo will change to show the clasp chosen. Pressing the 'refresh' button will change the picture back to the chain photo.

Gift Boxes

If you are shopping for a present then one of our gift boxes makes a great finishing touch. The premium gift boxes are soft padded leatherette with padded inserts. They also have fixtures for beautifully displaying your purchase when the box is opened. A nice touch for someone you love.

Why buy gold chains online?

Our jewellery chains are all custom made, so when you buy gold chains from us you will always get the bracelet or necklace of your dreams at a great price that the retail stores can't compete with.

You will however need to be patient as each chain is made to order and will take between 7 and 21 days to arrive at your door. The chains we have on sale in our online store are very good quality at great prices.

We don't sell cheap gold chains because we want you to love them forever. We only have real gold chains on sale, we don't sell gold filled, gold plated or rolled gold chains which won't last more than a few months.

Don't be fooled into thinking that anything other than a real gold necklace or bracelet will ever be passed on through your family.

No matter where you live in Australia our online store is in your home, your computer, your tablet and your mobile phone, 24 hours a day. So if you are shopping for Australian made gold chains in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth or Darwin or any regional city, town or outback property, we'll be there for you 24/7.

Solid Gold Chains | Gold Necklaces | Gold Bracelets

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Choose from 44 Styles

Solid 9ct Gold Chains of all styles between 1mm and 3.9mm in width.

Made to any length in yellow, rose or white gold.
Choose from 50 Styles

Solid 9ct Gold Chains of all styles between 4mm and 8.9mm in width.

Made to any length in yellow, rose or white gold.

Product codes HM-xxxx can be made in any combination of colours.
Choose from 32 Styles

Solid 9ct Gold Chains of all styles 9mm in width and above.

Made to any length in yellow, rose or white gold.

Product codes HM-xxxx can be made in any combination of colours.
Choose from 17 Silver, 14 Gold Styles

With open style links, best for attaching charms.

From 2.0mm wide to 7.2mm wide, these are the chains we recommend for beautiful charm bracelets.
Belcher and oval belcher yellow 9ct gold bracelets at set lengths.
Belcher and oval belcher yellow 9ct gold necklaces at set lengths.
Figaro and oval figaro yellow 9ct gold bracelets at set lengths.
Figaro and oval figaro yellow 9ct gold necklaces at set lengths.
Curb chain yellow 9ct gold bracelets at set lengths.
Curb chain yellow 9ct gold necklaces at set lengths.
Singapore Rope yellow 9ct gold necklaces at set lengths.
Choose from 21 Styles

Solid 9ct gold belcher chains in round and oval styles. Patterned and plain links.

From 2.6mm wide to 9mm wide in yellow, rose and white gold.

Made to any length.
Choose from 20 Styles

Solid 9ct gold round curb chains are suited to both men and women.

Sizes from 1.3mm wide all the way up to 17mm wide, made to any length.

Yellow, rose & white gold.
Choose from 3 Styles

Solid 9ct gold box chains look great alone or worn with delicate pendants.

These fine chains are between 0.9mm and 1.6mm wide and made to any length.

Yellow, rose or white gold.
Choose from 7 Styles

Solid 9ct gold figaro 13 chains have one long link followed by three short links.

Popular with men and women. Sizes 1.2mm wide to 4.8mm wide.

Yellow, rose and white gold made to any length.
Choose from 5 Styles

Solid 9ct gold long curb chains have longer links than other curb chains and also suit charm bracelets.

Choose any length you desire in white, rose or yellow gold.
Choose from 5 Styles

Solid 9ct gold bevelled curb chains have the edges bevelled and flat surfaces to really reflect the light.

These medium size chains are made to any length and are available in yellow, rose and white gold from 2.9mm to 5.7mm wide.
Choose from 5 Styles

Solid 9ct gold cable chains in smaller sizes.

Yellow gold, rose gold or white gold made to any length.

Sized from 1.5mm to 3.1mm wide.
Choose from 7 Styles

Solid 9ct gold figaro 11 chains have one long link and one short link alternating.

Featuring widths from 1.5mm to 4.8mm, these chains can be made to any length in yellow, white or rose gold.
Choose from 5 Styles

Solid 9ct gold diamond cut curb chains have the upper and lower faces removed for a flat surface that catches the light.

These are finer chains ranging from 1.3mm to 2.2mm wide.

Choose from yellow, rose or white gold.
Choose from 9 Styles

Solid 9ct gold curb roller chains are thick chains that combine the styles of both curb and belcher chains.

Made to any length in any combination of rose, white and yellow gold links

They look best with a bolt ring clasp.
Choose from 13 Styles

Solid 9ct gold fancy link chains from our "Australian" range. Just exquisite.

These are medium width designs, from 5mm to 8mm.

Made to any length, in any combination of rose, white and yellow gold links.
Choose from 18 Styles

These are just some of the chains available in two and tri-tone styles.

Any of our handmade gold chains can be made in any combination of colours, and of course, made to the length you require.
Choose from 33 Styles

Solid 9ct gold fancy antique chains in styles of days gone by.

Designed to be worn with a padlock. (but you can have a parrot clasp)

Sized from 4mm to 9mm wide, made to any length, in any combination of white, rose and yellow gold.
Choose from 18 Styles

Solid 9ct gold fancy gate chains from our "Australian" range. Simply stunning.

When you want to show off, these are the bees knees. Yellow, rose or white gold or any combination of colours. You decide.

From 6mm to 10mm in width.
Choose from 151 Styles

Every chain can be made to any length in yellow, rose or white gold.

Product codes HM-xxxx (handmade) and all our fancy and antique chains can be made in any combination of colours.

Necklaces & Bracelets - in history:   

Necklaces & Bracelets

It is believed that necklaces have been worn for more than 40,000 years. A necklace is by definition, simply a piece of jewellery that is worn around the neck.

In the very early days of man, necklaces were made from readily available natural materials. Typically this would mean gathering pieces of a vine from a plant or a sinew from an animal hunted for food. This could be fashioned into a simple loop to be worn around the neck. Decorations could be strung on these, frequently small bones, shells or stones that would have a hole made in them to pass over the necklace.

As man learned to manipulate plant and animal fibres, various forms of string were available. Cotton for example has been traced back to around 3000 BC. Other fibres including wool, flax and hemp have also been used to create similar forms of string and rope for thousands of years. All of these materials have featured in jewellery; a flexible string was perfect to create a necklace that could be tied and untied. Adding adornments didn’t require anything more than creating a small hole to pass the string through. Early forms of decoration on a necklace were items gathered from nature. As well as the stones and shells previously mentioned, feathers, coral, flowers, leaves and seed pods were incorporated in the necklaces.

Man later discovered metals such as bronze, copper, silver and gold and the techniques and methods to form them into shapes. These shaped metals could be added to a necklace as adornments or be used for the framework of the necklace, or both. Glass beads were also created and could be coloured and formed into shapes suitable for attaching to a necklace.

Gold and silver smithing are relatively recent occupations and jewellers are highly trained in these areas. Most quality jewellery today, in its various forms, is created from precious metals and precious or semi-precious gemstones.

One of the important skills of a jeweller is to be able to draw gold or silver into a wire. This is done by passing a rod of the metal through a ‘draw plate’. The draw plate is a tapered hole that reduces the diameter of the rod or wire being fed into it. This process is repeated through smaller and smaller draw plates until the desired wire thickness is reached. The ability to draw silver or gold into a wire with a round or square shaped cross-section has made it possible to create the chains from which many necklaces are made today.

A jeweller forms small lengths of wire into loops, which become the links in the chain. These links are made in various shapes and sizes and are interlinked to form the length of a gold necklace chain. Typically these links are soldered closed to give the necklace or bracelet additional strength.

One of the simplest forms of a jewellery chain is the ‘cable’ chain. This is created by joining identical round or slightly oval links end to end. These loops connect to each other at right angles, just like closing your index finger and thumb on each hand through the opposing finger and thumb.

A very common style of necklace is the ‘curb’ or ‘Cuban’ link chain. It is made in exactly the same way as a cable chain, but with a twist. A jeweller holds the join in the link with pliers and holds the opposite side of the link in another pair of pliers. He then twists his hands until they are 90 degrees to each other. This causes the link to deform so that opposite ends of the twist are also at 90 degrees to each other. The jeweller repeats this process on every link in the chain, twisting all the links in the same direction. The result of creating a 90 degree twist in all the links of a chain, is a chain that will lie flat on a table or against your skin.

Figaro style necklaces and bracelets are a variation on the curb chain. Instead of every link being the same length, at set intervals one or more of the links are made longer. You might have repeating patterns of one long link followed by three short links, or one long link and one short link. Other variations are possible, 2 long links and five short links for example; any combination can be created.

There are many styles of chains created from drawn wire and formed into links. The profile of the wire doesn’t just have to be a circle. Belcher chains are made from a half-round profile, box chains and Singapore rope chains are made from a flat strip of metal.

Fancier styles of gold bracelets and necklaces are often made from cast links that can be made into any shape or pattern and joined into a chain.

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