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Chain Male

Our 'Chain Male' range is our 6 most popular men's silver chains pre-selected to 21cm for a bracelet or 55cm or 60cm for a necklace.

This removes the need to choose all the options that are available for the complete range of chains elsewhere in our store. Yes we know it's sexist, but men tend to know what they want and would rather get shopping over with to move on to other things.

However, if you really do want another style or size, please check out our full range of silver chains for a necklace or bracelet you can set the options for.

CM-14060 Necklace - 60cm

CM-14060 Necklace - 60cm
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Size: ~ 5.4mm wide, 60cm long
Weight ~ 35g
Price $498.00
CM-14060 Necklace - 60cm
Sterling Silver Bev DC Curb Chain (MM-BDC-0005)

Size: ~ 5.4mm wide, 60cm long Made in Australia.
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