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Handmade by Chain Me Up on the Gold Coast

All the jewellery in this section is made by us (Chain Me Up) in our Gold Coast workshop.

Initially we are focusing on creating sterling silver earrings and sterling silver bracelets but we will expand our range with new products and make these same items available in 9ct yellow gold.

We strive to produce the very best quality by using only solid sterling silver and 9ct gold materials.

The wire we use to produce these handmade products is created from 100% recycled silver and gold.

To create the strongest and most durable jewellery, the join in every link is argon pulse welded.

This means that unlike many other businesses that simply bend the wire into shape and leave the ends unjoined, our jewellery will not easily go out of shape if it gets caught on clothing for example. This doesn't mean it's indestructible, but jewellery with links that haven't been soldered will easily deform or break apart when less force is applied, compared to our own jewellery.

Whilst we try to exactly reproduce every item we sell, being handmade means there will be very small variations between two 'identical' products. This isn't a defect but rather a feature of having something that doesn't get churned out by the thousands in an industrial machine.

We take great care in everything we make, which is time consuming, welding each and every link further adds to the time taken to create each piece. We believe that having a very well made piece of jewellery, that is strong, durable and beautiful can only be achieved by doing it right. This additional effort means that our jewellery is priced to reflect the amount of time and effort that goes into every one of our products.

We are regularly adding new styles as time goes by and we fully document each one so we can reproduce them as closely as possible to the original at any time in the future.

Changes to our designs are possible, call or email us for your special requests and a quotation.

Sterling Silver Earrings - Tempeste

Sterling Silver Earrings - Tempeste
Size: ~ 15mm x 35mm drop
Weight ~ 1.9g
Price $48.00
Sterling Silver Earrings - Tempeste

Handmade sterling silver earrings (pair), approx. 35mm drop, 15mm wide, 1.9 grams.

2 levels,  8/10/12mm, 10/12/15mm and the earrings are finished with a small shepherd hook.


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