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Collect Dirtgirl charms to commemorate your favorite children's show.

We have a little gardener inside all of us, but no one can beat Dirtgirl!

Our collection of Dirtgirl charms is a tribute to DirtGirlWorld, a popular Australian children's series that made Saturday mornings a treat.

This gardening girl grew everything you could possibly think of in the acres of gardens she owned, chugging through with her big orange tractor. She regailed us with songs teaching us how to conserve water when the rain falls.

Altogether, she encouraged us to make the planet a better, happier place. She didn't do it alone, though! Dirtgirl's backyard pals, Ken and Grubby (a weevil and caterpillar), as well as her human pal Hayman, also made an appearance to help discuss important topics like recycling and conservation.

Kids everywhere got to learn about what it means to take care of the earth, but the adults learned a little something too!

Dirtgirl charms are available in yellow gold or sterling silver and can be used as either a charm or a necklace pendant. Her adorable triple pigtails and gummies are as cute as they were on the hit TV series.

The series has screened in over 100 countries on television, you can pass down the legend of DirtGirl to your daughters and granddaughters by buying them one of these quirky gold and silver charms.

dirtgirl Charms

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Gold dirtgirl pendant - GP-DG001
1 of 2
Weight: ~ 6.6g
Size: ~ 31 x 19mm
Price: $436.32
Silver dirtgirl pendant - SP-DG001
1 of 2
Weight: ~ 6.0g
Size: ~ 31 x 19mm
Price: $45.41
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