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How To Use A Ring Sizer

There is an online ring size checker for you on our website. It works best on a computer or tablet, mobile screens may be too small. The international standard for ring sizes is set by ISO specification 8653:2016


Thank you for joining us here at beadaholique. Today I want to show you how to use a ring sizer and a ring mandrel. These two particular items are available on the beadaholique website as a kit for your convenience. A ring sizer is going to measure the size of your finger, pretty self explanatory.

You'll notice on the ring sizing tool, there are numbers along the edge of each circle. These are the numbers of the ring and they actually come from one at the very smallest all the way up to thirteen and there's going to be half sizes as well. So the 1 has the little 1 next to it and the 1 and one half has a 1 dash, next to it. Then it goes on to two and so forth.

So what you're going to want to do to get a properly sized ring is you are going to want to find the circle which  fits your finger best. The average person's ring finger is about a size 6 to 7. I know my fingers are a little bit smaller I'm going to start with the 5. It fits but it actually feels a little bit loose. Cause you don't want it to slip off.

So then I'm going to go down half a size to a four and a half, that actually feels pretty good. If I had a ring such as an engagement ring or something, I might want it a little bit tighter just because I want to make sure it doesn't fall off. So there's a four and that is just about perfect. You can tell it's not cutting off any circulation, it still has room to move, but its really going to have trouble going over my knuckle. I can still get it off though. So I'm right in between a 4 and a 4 and a half.

The average person again is probably going to be more like a 6 or a 7. I just happen to have particularly tiny fingers.

So once you know the size of your ring you can go ahead and use the ring mandrel to make a ring from scratch. So if you look at the ring mandrel, you'll see it also has numbers along the edge of it and they number from one to fifteen, These numbers are going to correspond with the numbers on your ring sizer. So I can take any ring on my ring sizer and this one happens to be an 11. I'll slide it down and it's going to fit perfectly on the 11 mark. So if you are a size 11 ring, then that's what you're going to want to do.

So you use these two tools in conjunction with each other. Now this is a plastic ring mandrel. It's perfect for wire wrapping and wrapping filigree around it. Anything where you are just using the pressure of your fingers to make the ring. Also available to you are steel mandrels. You'll want to purchase one of these when you start getting into metalwork. Anytime you're using a hammer. Anything that exerts a lot of pressure and you're going to want to switch over to the steel mandrel. But for a lot of projects that you'll make, you'll just need the plastic one.

So really quick I just want to show you how you might be able to make a filigree ring using the ring sizing tool and the ring mandrel. So I'm probably not going to wear this particular ring on my engagement ring finger. I think what I'll do is probably choose this finger ring here. So first I need to determine what size that finger is. Let me start with a 7. That's actually pretty good, it's a little bit loose. The ring is probably going to come right off, so I'm going to go down half a size to a 6 and one half, and that feels about right.

So what you want to do, is you want to take your filigree. Now if you were wire wrapping you would just take your wire and because this is going to be a little wider of a ring I want to line up the midpoint of the filigree with the midpoint of my 6 and one half mark. I'm going to do that like so and I'm just going to use the pressure of my fingers and bend.

OK, once you've fully pressed the ring all the way around the mandrel and you have it moulded. It does take some firm finger pressure there. You'll take it off of the mandrel. You'll see you have a nice round shape to it, and it should fit exactly to your finger.



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