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These items have been reduced to clear and limited numbers (shown as In Stock:) of each are available.

Typically these have been used to create photographs for our store, but some are returned items that were ordered too long or too short.

Some of the products are from previous suppliers lines and are no longer available.

Most items however can be found in the other areas of our store so if you saw something on sale that has now gone, you may be able to find it by using the search bar at the top of your screen.

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Sale - 19cm Yellow Gold Belcher Chain Bracelet - GB-B3
1 of 3
Weight: ~ 8.0g
Size: 19cm,  ~ 4.7mm
Reduced From: AU$560.00
Price: AU$480.00
Sale - 9ct Gold Cable Chain - MM-CAB-0001
1 of 3
Weight: ~ 3.5g
Size: ~ 1.5mm, 80cm
Reduced From: AU$336.00
Price: AU$295.00
1 of 3
60cm long ~ 6.9mm wide
Reduced From: AU$648.00
Price: AU$400.00
Sale - Eiffel Tower Charm - chr-0267
1 of 2
Weight: ~ 1.6g
Size: ~ 23 x 8mm - Rose Gold
Reduced From: AU$135.32
Price: AU$100.00
Sale - Kiwi and Chick Charm - chr-1109
1 of 2
Weight: ~ 1.3g
Size: ~ 12 x 8mm - Rose Gold
Reduced From: AU$109.95
Price: AU$80.00
Sterling Silver Cable Chain - MM-CAB-0007
1 of 3
Weight: ~ 9.2g
Size: ~ 5.0mm, 19cm
Price: AU$73.60
Sterling Silver Figaro Chain - MM-F11-0015
1 of 3
Weight: ~ 6.3g
Size: ~ 4.5mm, 19cm
Price: AU$50.40
Sterling Silver Long Open Curb Chain - MM-LDC-0006
1 of 3
Weight: ~ 5.3g
Size: ~ 4.4mm, 19cm
Price: AU$42.40
Silver Curb 180C with CF2 19cm
1 of 3
Size: ~ 6.6mm wide
Price: AU$115.00
1 of 3
Singapore Rope Necklace 70cm
Price: AU$45.00
1 of 2
45cm bevelled curb chain
Reduced From: AU$105.20
Price: AU$80.00
1 of 3
22cm long, ~ 2.8mm wide
Reduced From: AU$38.40
Price: AU$27.00
sale-DC-Curb with Padlock 19cm
1 of 3
19cm, ~1.5mm wide
Price: AU$25.00
Sale - Celtic Pendant
1 of 2
Weight: ~ 1.7g
Size: ~ 20 x 16mm 9ct Yellow Gold
Reduced From: AU$136.00
Price: AU$95.00
1 of 2
9ct Gold Music Note
Reduced From: AU$84.57
Price: AU$50.00
Gold Humming Bird Charm - cha-0155 OPEN JUMP RING
1 of 2
CH-0155 -9ct gold
Reduced From: AU$118.41
Price: AU$74.00
1 of 3
Weight: ~ 2.9g
Size: ~ 1.5mm 55cm Rose Gold
Reduced From: AU$214.50
Price: AU$175.00
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