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We have moved!

All of our promotions and competitions are now on our facebook - and Instagram pages @fraserross_chainmeup.

Turn on post notifications to receive all the latest promotions, competitions and sneak peaks of new and upcoming products.

Lockets have now arrived at Fraser Ross. In yellow gold and silver, you can wear a beautiful piece of jewellery with photos of loved ones everywhere you go. We have just launched with 20 designs and we will double that in the next few weeks. (Christmas is nearly here and we are trying to keep up)

We have added new gold and silver, necklaces and bracelets to their own categories and will continue to add new styles. These chains are made to set lengths and our manufacturer normally has these in stock for faster delivery. You can find them on the shop home page.

New bangles in yellow, rose & white gold and sterling silver. The additions to our range are available in sizes from 41mm to 77mm in 3mm steps. Other sizes are available by request. The new styles are round, half-round and twist designs in various widths.

Chain Me Up has been rebranded as Fraser Ross. Our management, products and services remain the same high quality that we have delivered for the past, more than 5 years.

The change of name is the first step on our path to expand our operations whilst maintaining the excellent reputation we have earned since we opened our doors in 2005.

Our secure website will remain at the current location ( and our other contact details remain unchanged.

Over 900 new tarnish resistant sterling silver charms added to our range. These charms are also available in 9ct yellow, rose and white gold. (14ct and 18ct by request.)

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Our site is now 100% secure with the installation of our EV SSL certificate. You will notice that the address bar in your browser is green, showing we have been authenticated by Comodo (our CA) and every piece of data that travels between our website and your browser has been encrypted and protected from 'man in the middle' exploits.




Security for online credit card payments is currently provided by PayPal and will continue into the future.

Another 200 yellow, white and rose gold hoop, huggie and stud earrings (including two and tri-tone styles) have been added to our store.

We have just added 28 stone set cross pendants to our range. These are beautifully made from yellow and white gold and set with cubic zirconias.

Another total redesign with lots of added features.

We are currently updating our images with clearer and larger photos. Our product images will be able to be 'zoomed in' on, as they are replaced.

You can now search by price range or gemstone from the home page or the 'help' menu. The layout of our product pages can to set to display either large or small photos.

Our chain manufacturer is reshooting the gold and silver chain photos and we will post them on our site as soon as they are available.

Our pendants are now on sale and we are having a competition to find the 3 best designs by our Facebook friends. The top three will be created by us and given to their creators. Competition details are here.

We are nearing going into production of our new range of engraved pendants. See engraving.
As well as offering a range of our own designs, we we be taking images from our customers for them to create their own unique pendants, that they have designed. You can even turn your children's drawing into a special pendant made from sterling silver.

heart pendant

We have been adding lots of new content to our articles library and so have just included a search feature to make finding information much easier. Both products and information can now be searched from the main search page.

I think we finally have the site design completed. After many changes and minor tweaks I believe we have it right. Navigation has been much simplified and lots of clutter removed. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions to make using our website easier.

After adding rings to our store we realised that not everyone will know their own ring size. We created an easy to use on-screen ring size tester and ring size converter.

We have just added another 1000 products to our range. (and I'm exhausted)
We now stock rings, and have massively increased our range of earrings and pendants.

Happy New Year to all. Another year has passed and it's time to look forward to see what the new one will bring. To kick it off we are giving away an 80cm 9ct gold necklace, details are here.

Our manufacturers will reopen after their Christmas holidays in the next couple of weeks, just in time to have orders for Valentine's day ready for delivery.

Our Christmas contest has finished and the winner of our 18ct gold bracelet has been chosen. We will be having a new contest in the New Year.

Today we launched our new improved web site. You are now looking at a 'responsive' design that looks great on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones (resize your browser window and see what happens!)

We have also simplified the navigation and removed a whole lot of clutter from our old site.

Please note our email address has changed from to, however the old ones will remain active for 12 months.

braceletAs you will see on the top of each webpage, we are having a contest to win an 18ct gold padlock bracelet valued at over $1000.

Visit our Facebook page to 'Share' AND 'Like' the bracelet and you will be entered into the draw. Entries close December 14th, 2013

After 15 years in the making, I have finally finished "Driving with two eyes", a guide for learner drivers and their parents. It explains the simple things that are often overlooked, but make a huge difference to the understanding of any driver.

Some of the issues tackled include road position, wet weather, guide lines for tutors, visibility, intersections and overtaking. If you know someone going for their license or teaching someone who is, then please pass along the link to this article. (and safe driving to you)

We have recently added some videos to our store, showcasing a selection of our two tone chains for necklaces or bracelets, some pendants, charms and bangles. You can find the link on the top menu bar. Our site has been moved from US to Australian based web hosting, so an improvement in speed is welcomed. Also its nice to support an Australian business (same company, but now there are more Australian staff directly involved)

The process of reshooting our charm images has begun. We have decided upon giving a 40% discount on charms with black and white images we wish to update. This means we don't have to stock the 3000 charms we need new photos for, but rather photograph individual charms as they are ordered. We get the photos, you get a bargain. The link is "Save 40%" on the menu above.

31-08-2013 - Buyer Beware:
My friend runs an online jewellery store that also sells some jewellery tools. She was approached by a customer wanting to buy hallmarking stamps for his 'friend' who wanted to stamp his own gold plated jewellery to sell it as real 9ct gold on a well known (sell your own things) website. She told him in no uncertain terms what she thought of his ethics. As he had not actually broken the law (just yet) she could not even report him to the police.
Unfortunately these hallmarking stamps are readily available and people will use them dishonestly.
If you are buying privately, I would strongly recommend buying a gold testing kit before parting with your cash. If the seller won't allow you to test their merchandise, run quickly away. We have an article on fake hallmarks here.

More updates to the cart software. A wish list is now available is store all the products you want to consider, but may not be ready to buy. This new feature also allows you to create your own 'gift registries' which you can share with your friends, a great way to show them the products you would just love to own.

A new software update has made the checkout process a whole lot easier. A progress bar shows exactly where you are in the process and creating an account is no longer compulsory for those who buy occasionally only. We have changed the cart to show all pricing with GST included to avoid confusion.

We have just added two new ranges to our pendants. Yellow and white gold pendants (not available in sterling silver) are shown here, heart styles and elephants and a dragonfly. CZ stone set pendants are on display here and include hearts and snowflakes.

As the next stage in our website upgrade, we have added 'Live Chat' where you can talk one on one with us if you have any questions. If it is unattended you are able to leave an email message and we will get back to you asap.

What a wonderful week! We had a server crash last weekend and were offline for most of the day. This inspired a revamp of our store to try and make the pages less cluttered and easier to navigate. By removing the left and right menus, we are able to display more products at a time and moved the navigation menus to the top of the site. We also added easy to find "home" and "cart" icons at the top corners of the screen.

To make finding chains easier we have added new categories that break all of our chains down into 3 groups; thin chains, medium chains and thick chains. We have further increased our range of sterling silver chains, and now all of our yellow gold charms are available in rose gold, with white gold being available for the complete range of HR charms as well.

We have just moved from Queensland to New South Wales. Please see the Contact page for the new telephone and address details.

Wow, what a hectic lead up to Christmas it has been. Our original supplier of gold and silver chains has been sold and are moving production overseas. As we ONLY sell Australian made jewellery, we have taken on new suppliers with a larger range. All the gold chains are available in white, rose and yellow, this fills a large void we previously had in trying to source alternatives to yellow gold. There are quite a few styles of two and three tone chains as well in the new range.

Our new range of gift boxes landed yesterday, the regular boxes are very nice, and the premium range are just beautiful. A great way to show off our necklaces, bracelets and charms for a loved one.

To help defray the shipping costs we incur from our manufacturers, we have had to set a minimum purchase amount of $25.00 in our store. All goods leaving our store are sent Registered Express post and are fully insured.

We are giving away a $500 voucher to spend in our store. You don't have to be an existing customer and there is no cost to enter. Details are here.

We have just started a new blog where all our latest news will be posted.

Any orders placed between now and the 10th of December may be delivered pre-Christmas.
Any orders placed after the 10th December will not be shipped until mid January 2012.

Only 20 days left to get your orders in for Christmas. Don't wait until the last minute!

Bangles have just been added to our store, there are 24 currently in the range, all available in silver or gold. The closed bangles are available in 4 sizes from small to extra large.

We are currently seeking Australian jewellers to create products to expand our range.

Around 80 new pendants have been added to our range as well as plain and fancy initials (ABC..XYZ)
You can view them from the menu at left or search for the pendant you would like.
Both plain and fancy letters are also available as pendants.

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