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Professional Jewellery Cleaning

Here at J and D jewellers we’re often asked to clean and inspect jewellery for the customers that come and visit our store. We do more than just a basic look under the microscope and put it in an ultrasonic bath. We have a very detailed 5 step process that we use.

First off someone on our team will actually physically inspect the ring under a microscope and what we’re doing here is looking for loose gemstones, bent prongs, anything that we want to point out before we get more involved with it. So I’m going to take your ring now and do just that. While I’m looking this particular ring is a halo ring and it has probably about 40 or 50 tiny little diamonds. So I’m looking at it with a probe testing each stone to see if it moves around inside that setting. You can do something similar to that at home by just using your fingernail on a large stone and see if it wiggles around at all, and this one is in great shape so let’s go next door to our shop and we’re going to polish it.

Ok so moving to our shop next door, come on in. We're behind the scenes, the first step now is always going to be to high polish the ring so we start out by firing up all the wheels and first I’m cleaning the inside, all those little scratches off it. What I’m doing here is just getting rid of all those little bitty scratches I hustled off and see the ring looks like it’s brand new when I’m finished with it and indeed this is the closest it’s going to get to showcase new after the process.

Alright, so I’m done with that and now we’re going over to the ultrasonic and it’s going to go in here. I like to let it sit in here for about, oh, a couple to three minutes. It’s going to break up all of the little particles of dirt that are in behind the diamond, that’s just in the spot. So that’s an ultrasonic, it’s hot temperature water with a mix of solvents in there and ultrasonic waves. So we’ve got that finished, find the ring, and now we’re going to rinse it and the final step is going to be to carefully blast it with steam.

I always like to take my loupe at this point just to do a quick inspection here. What you’ll find is even though I checked the diamond, sometimes the ultrasonic discovers more than I do and if I wiggle the stone moves. So while I’m still here I’ll do a quick visual; everything is looking fine so let’s go back and deliver this ring to the customer.

So this has taken all of 5 minutes, I’m back in the store and I’m going to look at the ring one more time under the microscope to make sure that everything is nice and tight and we’re ready to give it back to our guests.

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