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Wish Lists

wishlistIf you wish to create a list of items to come back to, but might not be ready to buy straight away, then a wish list is just the thing you need. You can transfer products between your cart and wish lists, making managing your online shopping so much easier.

All of the items in the store can be added to your wish list by clicking the link "Add to List" just below the Add to Cart button.

You will need to login or create an account with us for the 'Wish List' to function

Gift Registry

A gift registry is a type of wish list that you can share with others. You can create and name your own lists and share them with your friends. These are a great way of selecting the products you want and giving that list to someone else.

After you have created a gift registry, a public link will be shown below it in the management area.

It will look similar to this (non working) link:

Cut and paste this link to email it to your potential new best friend!

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